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• Mar 28, 2020 - 22:14

How come whenever I try to add a note on one instrument, on the other instrument, a rest appears on the same beat that note was added?


In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble with, and give us more precise steps to reproduce the problem. Like, which measure of which staff you are trying to add a note to, how you are adding it, and which staff seems to be gaining a new rest.

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It's the first measure. I go to note input and put a note in the contrabass part. When I do this a rest is added to the violin part so that it lines up with the contrabass part, but I want the notes of each part to align. When I delete the rest in the violin part, the note in the contrabass part is deleted.
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Ah, I see, you changed to "Insert mode" instead of using the regular note input mode (step-time mode). This is not meant for ordinary note input, it's meant for the special cases where you want to add extra beats to a measure. To return to the regular note input mode, click the little arrow next to the note input button on the toolbar and select the top (step-time) option. In the future, don't mess with that little arrow, just press the big N (or use the "N" key on your keyboard to switch between normal mode and note input mode. Only use those other modes when you have a special need for their unique capabilities.

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