Notating Offbeats for Drumset w/ all stems pointing up?

• Mar 30, 2020 - 00:06

Hi there looking for help in creating off beat notations for drum set parts. After a lot of messing around i finally figured out how to notate the bass drum line playing an offbeat (bass playing 8th notes while hi hat plays quarter notes). However as you can see in the picture i had to use a different voicing on the quarter note hi hat example which then made the stems point downwards on the bass drum line. Is there a way for me to still be able to notate offbeats in either the snare or bass drum but with the stems all pointing in the same upwards direction? Thanks for any help this is truly an amazing program so I'm surprised I can't find this functionality.

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First, are you aware that bass drum parts are normally supposed to be stems down? That's the usual standard and what most drummers are used to reading, so changing that would make the music much harder to read for most people. But if you do have some special reason to create this non-standard notation (there are a small number of publishers who prefer to notate everything in one voice, for example), see the Handbook under "Drum notation" to learn how to use the Edit Drumset facility to customize voice and stem direction for each drum note.

BTW, for future reference, it's much easier, and works much better, to attach your actual score, rather than taking a picture and attaching that.

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