Synthesizer won't play, Crashing, Uploads without audio and/or score (Resolved)

• Mar 30, 2020 - 18:06

I did reinstall with no results.

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nosound.JPG 85.67 KB
Master_Sword.mscz 12.51 KB
Zelda's_Theme.mscz 22.74 KB


It's not totally clear if you are talking about problems with the MuseScore editor software itself, or with the score sharing website If it's about the website, please go over there to report the problems. if If you do mean the MuseScore editor itself, then this is the right place, but we need more information., I downloaded the two scores you attached, they definitely both exist, and both played back just fine using the default soundfont. If you mean you are having getting playback to work at all, see

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