A creator of the music in Youtube send this message to developer.

• Apr 1, 2020 - 14:16

My name is Danic, and I have worked as a creator of the music in Youtube.
The reason I sent this message that I have some suggestions about your program ‘Musescore’.

First, It would be better if the mixer had many elements. It’s so wonderful program, so I think you can update this program to a higher level than other paid compose programs. Please add many elements. As a MuseScore composer, I hope MuseScore is well-known as a composition program.

Second, I hope that Musescore will be able to plug in ‘a lot of’ virtual instruments ‘easily’ like any other composition program. The instruments offered by MuseScore are very good. However, A fixed instruments are limited in making music. I want to create unlimited music in the hands of creators. So have to updated the virtual instrument plugin, so the color of the music should be more beautiful.

Finally, I hope the musical effect will be rich. For example, I really want to talk about the fade effect. The fade effect is an important factor that makes the end and beginning of the music smooth. I wish that the fade effect is provided in Musescore.

I am glad that you have read this message to the end. I am always grateful to you for making this program, and I sincerely hope that Musescore will be a world-recognized composition program. Thank you :)


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It is actually possible to do a fade out by changing the velocity in the piano roll edit (which, btw, I believe to be the single most underutilized feature in MuseScore).

Improving this capability, along with real-time input (MIDI 2.0 could improve the quality/speed of this significantly) and this could open up MuseScore to a much wider audience.

The philosophical question here is does MuseScore really need to be only about notation or can there be other types of composition workflows that do not necessarily involve notation, but can result in notation if desired?

Regarding DAW, looking at where the industry is going, it would seem that the lines between notation software and DAWs will become significantly blurred in the future (and for good reason).

Notation is a component of modern composition, but notation not the only aspect. Pretty much every single high school marching band in the United States is playing compositions that are a mix of standard notation for acoustic instruments, MIDI driven electronic instruments, and samples.

Software that can better accommodate composition workflows that are more inclusive of elements beyond notation - while still providing a top experience for notating works - is something truly missing in the market.

I'm not saying that MuseScore should become a DAW or sequencer in addition to notation software... but that there is a unique market opportunity for composition software that supports modern instruments and workflows.

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