Cutaway stave problems

• Apr 2, 2020 - 22:16

Hi, I have a couple of problems regarding cutaway option with hidden added staves in an orchestral score (pics included):

  1. String bracket hanging in front of empty staves (pic 1), when I try to double click and roll it back up, it works for that page, but the short instrument name remains unmoved (pic 2), I can neither move it nor hide it (I want it to be in front of 1st cello stave), plus the bracket I just moved also changes in the first page of the score and it no longer extends all the way down to the Double Basses (pic 3).
    How do I fix the bracket/short instrument name problem?

  2. Also in pic 1 and 2, is it somehow possible to extend the regular barline from the 1st vcl. stave to the lower cutaway staves without using the barline from the Symbols palette?

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