• Apr 3, 2020 - 00:16

I'm trying musescore to make it easier to build tablature (NOT notation) for my dobro. I can't find where I can find the numbers 1 through 20 to accommodate all of my frets. Is this software built for this kind of thing? If so, please help me find instructions for doing so. Many thanks!


Be sure to also read just the general instructions for tablature, sounds like maybe you are trying to "fake" it somehow. If you have created a tablature staff, entering fret numbers is as simple as typing the number. By default it only goes up to 19 for a standard guitar, so if you want to extend it to 20 you do indeed need to use the info in the links above. But again, first step is just to add the tablature staff and most things work already, so do be sure to read the whole section on tablature to learn how it works,

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