I wish I could...Can I?

• Apr 3, 2020 - 16:57

Dear Musescore users.
(Sorry if this is an old topic or: it's already possible).
When entering a score with piano and song (voice), I normally start with the "piano-part".
When finished I do the voice.
I then find that it would be nice to copy the "right hand" piano-part directly to the voice-part,
but only the single, highest note, of the (often) chords in the piano part.
(The red notes in the attached file) .
This is, I find, in many cases very "close" to the "voice part".
Is this possible today with a plugin or some "feature" I did not find:
To remove all but upper note of a chord?
Thanks in advance for an answer!
(And...Allow me a separate question:
Is there a "system" in the Musescore developer-group
where plugins are considered to be so "valuable"
that they might be "added" as a new feature in the software?)

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Hi and thanks for quick answer. Works, but...affects the chords also in the piano part (The whole measure), not only the single staff. What am I missing? It should only affect the staff "in question", not "spread any notes to other staffs.

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You're gonna have to take several steps...
For example, add another indstrument (e.g. Voice) and two staves (as mentioned above);
Copy and paste the Piano into the Voice;
Explode Voice;
Press I again to delete unnecessary staves (from the I dialog box you can move them up/down).

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Again, thank you for very detailed (and quick and good!) answer. Highly appreciated.
Still, your explanation makes my question still valid, I think:
Why not simply have a function "similar" to explode: Simply remove all, but the highest note, in a selected range of notes/chords.

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Not really. It's more of a general function improvement vs use case effort and maintainability.

Take for example my own TempoChanges plugin; which provides automation for and existing workaround of a missing feature. I'd expect at some point in the future this functionality (being "valuable" enough) will make it into the main program; at which point I'll discontinue the plugin.

Plugins distributed with the software itself are more (outdated) tech demo documentations of the plugin framework possibilities for plugin developers.

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