Cymbal Rolls

• Apr 4, 2020 - 01:41

In the most recent piece of music that I have been working on, it requires multiple cymbal rolls. However, although there are many suggestions on musescore for this, there is no official cymbal roll in musescore and it is greatly needed. Please add this.

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There is not currently proper playback for suspended cymbal rolls.

In the default soundfont, the ability to add proper rolls is limited by the capabilities of the default soundfont format.

This could be added, to some extent, in MDL, but there are also limitations to the SFZ soundfont with a cymbal roll in terms of the way the ending of the roll is defined (where it crests, etc.).

TL;DR - suspended cymbal support is on the roadmap, but providing proper support will take a bit of work.

Hi, I have a "cymbal roll" soundfont (sf2) on my computer. I've just copied it to my MuseScore soundfont folder, then selected "change instrument" in a piano stave and selected it in the mixer - and it works fine for me. It needs to be set to a long note (whole note, or two whole notes tied) for it to work.

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