Changing Lyrics Font Globally

• Apr 6, 2020 - 23:34

I have not been able to do this. I can select all lyrics, but then when I right-click to edit it selects the one lyric. Also if I try to do this one lyric at the time, it reverts back to the previous size :-(


The "reverting" happens if you're trying to use the inspector to change the style of the whole text, whilst being in text edit mode. This has been fixed for the next release.

You can always edit one syllable using the inspector and then press the "Set as Style (S)" button for it.

Actually, right-click insn't even involved. You can select as many lyrics at once as you want and change the font directly in the Inspector without ever right-clicking anyhow. But as mentioned, if the goal is to do it for the entire score (including, potentially, lyrics not yet entered), you want to do it as a style setting, so you really just need to change one lyric then hit the Set as Style button.

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I use Linux and all of the ways of multi-select work fine for me. Which are you trying, and what specifically goes wrong when you try? For instance, I can Ctrl+click them one at a time, select a range of measures then right-click a lyric and choose Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection, or Select / More and use the various options there to select by staff, by verse number, etc.

But anyhow, again, multiselect normally wouldn't be relevant here, sounds like you really just want to change the style setting, which doesn't involve right-click or multi-select. just change one and hit "Set as style", simple as that,

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