Color notes via right click or add a shortcut to do so

• Apr 7, 2020 - 12:56


We alreay can change note color via the inspector, but for the small screens it would be cool to be able to change it via the right-click menu. In short:
- Select a note/bar or several notes/bars
- Right click
- Color => the "select color" window appears

An alternative would be to have 4 main colors (defined by the user) included in the "color" right-click menu:
- Select a note/bar or several notes/bars
- Right click
- Color
- Select color 1 or color 2 or color 3 or color 4

In addition to that, a keyboard shortcut to color a note or selection or notes (one for each of the four main colors) would be very useful. I would be grateful if you consider this option at least.




In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Colornotes plugin auto-colors notes according to their pitch (or am I missing something?) and I want to set a specific color for a specific note in a specific bar, and, for example, a different color for two notes in another bar.

Color Voices does not allow me to change two notes of voice #1 into two different customizable colors, for example.

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