Create several small pieces on the same page

• Apr 8, 2020 - 20:56

I want to create a piano sheet with a couple improv exercises, each o them should be separate pieces, but on the same page.

I can enter a text or vetical frame to separate them, but I want to finish each piece with the double bar at then end, and each one to start with it's own clef, key and time signature. (that is, to be a different piece).

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You can just do each of those things individually - add the double bar, new clef (well, normally the clef wouldn't have changed so the existing one is fine, but you can change if you want), new key, new time signature, etc. Also add a section break to the end of the previous piece so MuseScore knows to restart measure numbering, not to add courtesy clef/key/timesig, etc.

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