Updating Musescore for LInux on Chromebook

• Apr 9, 2020 - 04:39

I have new Asus Chromebook tablet. Installed Musescore a few months back (ver 3.3.4). Worked great. It has begun to crash with latest Chrome OS update (ver. 81.0.4044.94 ). How do I install ver 3.4.2 or any other updates? I'm very new to Linux. Thanks.


The answer depends on how you installed MuseScore to begin with. If you used the recommend method of downloading the AppImage then running it with the "install" option, it should work to simply repeat those same instructions. I've also run the AppImage again with the "uninstall" option and that works too. Sometimes I get warning messages one way or the other but basically everything works.

On the other hand, I kind of doubt whatever crashes you are experiencing relate to your version of Chrome OS - unless you also elected to updated your Linux container from "stretch" to "buster"? As far as I know that doesn't happen by default, only new Linux get "buster". My guess is the crashes you are experiencing relate to something about the specific score you are working on or the specific sequence of operations you are performing. So we'd want to investigate that. If you have it down to a specific command on a specific score that causes it to crash, please let us know, and upload the score.

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My guess is there is a recent score that is corrupt and that is what is causing the crash. By all means go ahead and try the update, but my guess is you will see the same until we find the score causing the crash. You might find instead doing Help / Revert to Factory Settings is the best fix for now.

BTW, I just did the Chrome OS 81 update and I see a very interesting glitch where my toolbar and other parts of the UI are black, then it fixes itself if I change workspaces. I don't suppose you saw anything like that?

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I did see that. I have not been able to see it fix itself. The tool bar fills in specific ares as I move the cursor over the black areas. But ultimately it crashes. I will try the Revert to Factory Setting option and report back. Thanks for the quick responses!

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The "fix itself" for me happens if I change workspaces, so try View / Workspaces, change from Basic to Advanced or vice versa. it stays fixed if you change back. I see similar behavior in "QtCreator", the app many of us use to help us develop MuseScore, so I think the issue probably has to do with some interaction between Chrome OS and Qt itself. I may try updating my Linux container to "buster" to see if that fixes it, but that's a whole project in itself so it may need to wait a little while. For now I'm happy to have the workaround.

Anyhow, now that I see Chrome OS 81 does adversely affect MuseScore in this way, I am more ready to believe that a crash could be related asl well. Still, I'd kind of doubt an update to MuseScore would fix it, the issue would probably also be with Qt, and we haven't changed which version of Qt we use. Still, since I haven't seen a crash yet, I still suspect yours will turn out to be related to a specific score and not anything about any of this.

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Turns out the black toolbars (and other elements in other programs) is a known issue with Chrome OS and it has a known workaround I can verify works, and also seems to fix some some other weird system glitches I started experiencing today after the update:

1) in the Chrome address bar, type chrome://flags
2) in the resulting page, type "gpu-support" into the search box
3) where you see "crostini-gp-support", select "Disabled" in the dropdown
4) restart

So far, so good.

I have the exact same issue with respect to the crashing. I've tried the latest version (v. 3.4.2) and also an older version (v. 3.2.0). I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Running it without installing it. Installing the necessary libraries. Updating Ubuntu. It keeps crashing when I try to make a new score. I have not been able to use the software at all, so for me at least, it's not because of a particulat set of actions or score.

The moment of the crash it at the very end of making a new score. When clicking on 'Finish', I get a black screen and then it restarts with an empty chromebook screen (so the terminal is completely shut down). It's the same every time.

I don't have the problem with the black toolbar, but I've also changed the gpu support settings, just to see if that works, but still crashes unfortunately.

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Was your Linux container set up before or after Chrome OS 80? Is it currently running "stretch" or "buster" (or something else)? One way to find out is open a terminal window and type "cat /etc/os-release" and press Enter. Somewhere in the output it should say something like:

VERSION="9 (stretch)"

For me, the gpu workaround fixed almost all my issues, but I could believe that if you are running "buster" things could be different. The one issue I do still face in all my Linux apps right now is that sometimes I just can't type into dialog boxes. I've seen other reports of this online as well. Using Alt+Tab (which I have to hit twice) to switch to another application then back fixes it.

I'm also having audio glitchiness. In MuseScore I seem to get better results if I try different settings in Edit / Preferences / I/O, but unfortunately it's not consistent.

Overall, I have to say ChromeOS 81 seems to be a very bad update, at least for people using Linux apps.

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