Can you help me with this part please

• Apr 10, 2020 - 15:13

Can anyone tell how on earth the notes in the red circle are written out, i have tried umpteen times today yet just can't get it write, i only have two more pages to write out but am stuck on this part. would appreciate any help please. Flying Without Wings p3.jpg


You may have this figured out already.
Using just the computer keyboard, get 4 eighth notes for the last half of the measure by clicking on rests and the number 4 for eighth rests. Hit escape to clear everything. Hit 4 to get back into 8th notes, click on the rest where your sequence begins, press 4, hit A for the first 8th note, then hold down control and hit 3 for tuplets, click on the first tuplet rest, then hit A, then B, then A. Now the triplet is on the score. Then hit 4 for eighth note, hit G, then 3 for 16th notes, then hit A, and then B. Hit escape, click on the first A and the Tie symbol, click on the first A again, then hold down the control key as you click on the B flat at the end and hit S (for slur). That's how I did it.
I use my computer keyboard for most of my note entries.
I signed up for the tutorial. I figured it was worth the small cost. I use it as I get stumped. However, not everything is in the tutorial. So this forum is great.
Rich '4oclockguy' Steinbrueck.

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