Repeats and Voltas Tip

• Apr 22, 2020 - 03:02

On the Repeats and Jumps page, it would be useful to note that, when using voltas, the Play Count needs to be one more than you want the volta to be played if it is to repeat.

For example, if you have a volta that is to play on passes 1 through 5 and a volta that is to play on the 6th pass, the first volta has to have the end repeat barline, the measure containing the End Repeat Barline needs to have the Play Count property set to 6, the first volta needs to have its Repeat List property set to "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" and the second volta needs to have its Repeat List property set to "6" in order for the whole section to work as expected during playback.

The note in Measure Operations about the Play Count property controlling "the number of times that the repeat section plays back" is perfectly correct but a little unhelpful. It could say, for example, "the number of times that the entire repeat section plays back."


In reply to by Shoichi

I did not realise that I could do that! Thanks for pointing me back to the document pages and the edit menu.

I updated the three pages, adding a note to the Repeats and Jumps page in its Playback section, adding the word, "entire," to the Play Count description and adding the Repeats and Jumps link to the "See Also" in the Volta page.

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