• Apr 23, 2020 - 00:02

Is there universal or typical way to notate tags?

Codas I get, but I recently ran across a score with a tag and I was wondering if there was an accepted way to score them?



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A Tag as in a final ending like a Coda, also called an "Outro" and used in popular music. Apparently a big deal in Barbershop Quartet music.

I actually did a little research on a Barbershop Music website and may have answered my own question:

Apparently, a double bar line is used at what would be the regular ending, the Tag measures which have a simple "Tag" written above the first measure follow that with a final bar line.

Pretty simple, I just always want to make sure what I do in MuseSore will be understood by anyone who sees it.

Thanks for the interest Jojo!

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Just the word "Tag" is what I saw in the sheet music on the Barbershop Music website. No rehearsal mark or frame required.

No different that writing "Chorus" above the first measure of a chorus so I used Staff Text to write "Tag" above the first measure of the Tag.

It also plays back as expected.

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