How to use Chord Identifier Plugin- new to Musescore3

• Apr 30, 2020 - 06:27

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I'm relatively new to Musescore and am trying to use a new plugin. I'm using Linux and placed the Chord Identifier Special v3 plugin (link below) in the appropriate directory. Now the Plugin Manager lists it and allows me to select it as active. I'm not sure how to actually get the plugin to work though- to take 3 notes and identify the chord name and place the name in the score. Can someone who understands how this is done please point me in the right direction? Sample from plugin author of what it should look like is attached to this post.

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Just tried it and you can select one or more bars by clicking on white space between the notes of the bar. With Shift+Click, select more bars, eg. above and below the current staff to include more tonal information for the plugin. Then run the plugin.

To only select a single chord, I do it this way: click on one note of the chord, press Shift and expand the selection with the arrow keys left, right, up, down ... while holding Shift, press them several times and you should see how the blue selection box changes. Then run the plugin.

If you select nothing, the plugin runs over the full score, so you can see if the plugin finds and identifies any chords at all. IF you don't like the result, undo it or close the score without saving. Nothing's changed then.

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Someone else wrote:

So, select the notes you want colored and find the plugin in the Plugins menu itself. I believe you will find it under the "Notes" submenu (Plugins / Note / Color Notes) if it's the same one as I have installed.

In the plugins menu I see "Chords" and then a menu opens to the right and shows the actual plugin. When I select it, it just opens a plugins settings box but doesn't activate the plugin to do its job on my selected notes.

I tried the color notes plugin that way to test and it works- it colors the notes but not so for the chord identifier plugin- no chord identification.
I've attached the window that appears if I select the chord identifier plugin.

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