No sound output if MIDI keyboard is used for Input

• May 2, 2020 - 11:06

I am using a very simple MIDI keyboard (on my Mac/OSX) to input notes into Musescore. This works fine.

But while I have the MIDI input enabled, there is no sound output any more, if I press keys either on the MIDI keyboard or on the Musescore virtual keyboard. Sound output in general is working, I can play the piece.

The keyboard does not have any speakers, so I can not use it as MIDI output.

I tried to reset Musescore to default settings and restarted it: It worked at first, but with the default piano sound. Then I played the piece again, I heard the correct sound, with the correct Instruments from Musescore, but then again the sound from my playing did not work any (neither from the MIDI keyboard nor from the Musescore keyboard).

I tried already to change the MIDI output to nothing, without success.

Can I somehow disable MIDI out in general, or for the instruments I use in my piece?



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Thanks, did this already, without success.

I have the impression that all is working (in theory), and that Musescore is trying to send the MIDI out to the device. And I can't find the option where to disable this. I just want MIDI input, but no MIDI output. My settings:

Screenshot 2020-05-02 15.21.43.png

But the MIDI output settings are still there in the Mixer: Screenshot 2020-05-02 15.23.15.png

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I just tried it again, to reproduce it, with strange results, but at the end it now works.

What I did:
1. Open Musescore with new score: Keyboards work (with default sound, piano)
2. Changing instrument: still works, with the changed instrument
3. Creating a new score with Harp & Clarinet (that's what I am trying to do): Harp works, clarinet stays silent
4. Open my saved score for Harp & Clarinet: Now the clarinet works.

So it seems that the issue can be solved just by trying different things often enough.

But changing to another instrument does not work (or does not work always).

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