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• May 5, 2020 - 05:08

Can't do it. I downloaded the AppImage file, I went to Properties Permissions and changed the permissions to "read & write" and I checked it to "allow executing file as a program" but it won't double click and it won't run when I select Open. Should the permissions be for read only?

I went to Software Sources in PPA, but there is no software listed there.


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This is a 32-bit machine
OS: Linux Mint 19.3, Arch.: i386, MuseScore version (32-bit): 3.2.3+dfsg1-4~ppa1804+1 (Ubuntu bionic/i386),


it is not necessary to uninstall 2X.
Have you tried right-clicking on a file and selecting Open with, then navigate to MuseScore 3?
Try downloading again and then reboot the system.

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I downloaded from that link, I got the AppImage, I changed the permission setting in Properties, I tried double clicking, it won't double click, I tried Open, it starts to open then it crashes. Then it's not possible to get it to start opening again. I throw it in the trash and repeat the process which is the same each time. It starts to open once and only once and then it's goners. It gets as far as the telemetry notice, and even then the buttons don't work, then it crashes.

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Wait a minute. I was so sick and nauseated that i decided to shut down and go to bed. I closed all of my windows and found that the program is stuck at the telemetry notice. It did not crash. Still, the buttons on the notice don't work. I'm going to bed and I'll try a reboot in the morning. I think it's going to be OK.

I rebooted, it opens as far as the telemetry notice, but when I hover the cursor over the buttons, they don't get highlighted and I can't click them. I don't know why, If I can't make the telemetry selection, then it won't launch.

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What is it normally doing at this stage of the operation? I would think that it does not do anything until I make a selection of yes or no on the telemetry. So I'm stuck there. I don't think it's the fault of the software, but it's got to be something about Cinnamon or my computer, but I can click on buttons and files everywhere else. I can double click a pdf file. This program did not respond to a double click.

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It's indeed a bug of Qt in combination with Cinnamon. If you look at the top of the window, you'll see it also being cut off, thus the contents displaced. The buttons are still there, but on the "normal" position and not where you see them.
However, as Jojo pointed out, we added implementation to the dialog so that you can press Esc to cancel out of it. The dialog will act as if you've hit the option to not send any telemetry data to MuseScore. If you wish, you can later enable that again in the preferences window.

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"To install it, run the AppImage from the Terminal with the "install" option (see immediately below). This copies a desktop file and various icons to your computer. If you want to remove them you will need to run the "remove" option before you delete the AppImage. This does not affect any scores created with any version of MuseScore."

So I am about to do this installation. I need to keep the AppImage file just in case I ever want to remove the installation? Can or should I move the AppImage file to the desktop first before running it in terminal?

OK. I have it installed. The command is different from what is published on the page? I used a space, no dashes and just typed 'install.' Or maybe that was a mistake at Linux? I think you don't give the install prompt in detail on that page. I got that prompt from the Linux forum.

Then the command line did the installation in 3 steps. However, it moved the file from off of my desktop and into the .local/bin folder. I checked there and I have a copy of the AppImage file and two shortcut icons. One is 'mscore-portable' and the other is 'musescore-portable.'

What can I do next to get the icon onto the desktop? just move one of the shortcuts? Or do I need to move all three of these together? or what?

don't know what it says in the handbook, I'm running from page to page all the time between Musescore, Audacity and Linux. I think that Linux must have given me the incorrect install prompt. There is no definite prompt on the Musescore page. It just says to use the install command.

It appears the icon file names specified inside the Appimage file (..._mscore-portable) are different from the actual file names (...-mscore-portable). Hyphen or underscore must be consistent!

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