Save state upon change instead of exit

• May 6, 2020 - 02:47

Currently, Musescore seems to commit changes to its state to memory, and then save these changes in memory to the disk only when Musescore exits normally.

The issue with this is when Musescore, in fact, doesn't exit normally (i.e. often). This means that when the program crashes, recently opened files aren't recorded, keyboard shortcuts aren't saved, preferences aren't retained, synthesizer settings aren't kept, et cetera...

I would like an option to directly save Musescore's state to disk when it is changed in the program, specifically so that such a change is remembered if [when] the thing crashes.

I understand this is probably a low priority, and, due to it being a lot of work to implement (everything that could possibly change the state is most likely spread out everywhere in the source), this probably won't happen. I just wanted to throw it out there in case we find other users want this or it actually isn't as hard as I thought.


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That's a totally different issue though. Crash or no crash, MuseScore doesn't assume you are the composer of every score you create. This thread is about whether settings that would otherwise be saved on exit get saved on crash. We did change things so palette customizations get saved right away. I know 3.5 may have additional changes to how preferences are managed, but I'm not sure if this in particular is planned.

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