Sound Output not getting to Zoom Meetings

• May 13, 2020 - 12:45

Hi, I use Zoom Meetings for online discussion, presentation and teaching. Zoom has a feature to share computer sound or share computer sound along with screenshare. It works with just about everything else I've tried - if I can hear it in my headphones or from the built-in speaker, the other participants can hear it also. Yet with MuseScore, I can hear the sound, but it is not getting to Zoom, neither live or on recorded sessions. I have gone to the Preferences and tried different settings, I set port to built-in computer sound. Still can't get it to work. Suggestions? Thanks.


Hi, are you using Windows or MacOS? On MacOs I regularly share Musescore's audio with Zoom without problems, by selecting 'ZoomAudioD' device in the I/O section of Musescore's preferences (see screenshot). In my configuration I'm using the Built-in Output as the system main device, i.e. without an external audio interface.
A student of mine reported having problems sharing audio from Musescore under Windows, but I haven't yet investigated the matter.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I investigated some other posts on the topic, and discovered someone had found that if you start Zoom first, and then MuseScore (with ZoomAudioD selected in preferences), it works. I tried it and it worked. I haven't fully experimented to see if it just the file that needs to be reloaded, or the entire program that needs to be restarted, but at least I know it can work now! Thank-you.

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