Fatal problems with copying \ pasting.

• Aug 23, 2014 - 06:53

Hello guys. I'm experiencing trouble with ctrl+C ctrl+V action, while writing sheet... In particulary - the Muscotre always crashes, when I am trying to copy - paste more then 4 bars of the piano notes (only the treble clef that I use for piano in this piece) It happens all the time - which make the copypasting of big parts quite uncomfortable. The program just gives the error window and closes. Any solutions?)


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Yes, tnx) Attach : that does not happen only with keyb., trombone also - and suppose that is not all the list) I use Musecore v. 1.3, rev. 5702, under Windows 7 SP1. Though all this stuff had happened when I was using WinXP SP3 as well...
So, step by step... I have the opened score in the progeam window - and several opened instrument parts as well.. I edit the score, to hear how does this stuff sound alltogether - and then copypaste the notes to each instrument parts separately, sometimes all the notes - sometimes only several bars. I use Shift button and mouse to select the bars that I need, click Ctrl+C, then switch to the instrument part tab, set focus on the beginning of the tab where I want this part to be pasted - and click Ctrl+V. When I do that with 4 bars or less - all is fine, it replaces all the notes in the following four bars.. When I try to do that with bigger amount of bars - it crashes.
I'm attaching the score - tohugh I dont think it will be of any use - snce that happens with all the scores I use... So I suppose that if it does all the same stuff on 2 operating systems - the problem might be in the program.. Hope that you guys will figure that out)

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I think they are the side effects of copy / paste repeated too many times.
I see, for example, that the names of the chords are stacked.
To test I added four measures empty, I copied the original, paste them. Then Ctrl + Del to delete the old.

If I create a part (eg. Trombone) I can copy all the measures without crash.

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As mentioned, there is no reaosn to use copy and paste to create parts - MuseScore is perfectly capable of generating them automatically via File / Parts. Much more efficient, and much more effective too - it doesn't leave out the markings that copy & paste does.

Anyhow, the bug you are seeing is a known problem in 1.3 with copying staves from one score to another if there are chord symbols and you are copying from a score with fewer staves than the origingal (more particularly, if the score does not have at least enough staves to match the one you are copying).

Once you start using the parts facility, you won't need to be copying between scores in this way and won't mind the bug so much. But for the record, it *has* been fixed in the development version and will work correctly in MuseScore 2.

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thanks for the replies! the point why I use copypaste sometimes is not cause Im unaware of parts extraction) the thing is that 80% of the job that is done after actual writing the notes and extraction of the parts - is the sort of "makeup" that I do with the parts - for them to be readable to the performer... The length of bars, the visibility of slurs, and lots of other stuff. So when I need to edit the parts that already exist in the saved file - the brass section, for example - i do that in the sheet file - and then copypaste those bars that I need to the parts... If I will simply extract parts again - all the formatting of the part will be lost - and that will make me go over again.. Pretty uncomfortable. Maybe I am just not well enough with all the program abilities.. but for now this is the most efficient way I know.

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Perhaps if you posted a score you are having trouble with, we might be able to help. Normally, it wouldn't make sense to keep the same manual editing you used in the score in the parts as well, since the layout will be totally different. Different number of measures per lines, etc. So I'm having a trouble imagine a situation where preserving that much information makes sense, especially /given how much you lose through copy and paste. So if you post an example, perhaps we'll see something you are doing incorrectly or at least inefficiently.

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Well, it was written above what chain of actions took place.. There was a text attached to the note in this particular part I was copying -"CHORUS" - this time I've deleted it - and ith all gone well.. Not sure if that is an ultimate remedy - but it did work this time)

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Actually, I'm not really understanding. I see a number of problems with this part of course, but it actually looks rather better than I'd expect you'd get via copy and paste. For example, the voltas wouldn't have copied at all - you'd have to have recreated those manually. And while the text markings are indeed very high and thus interfering with the staves above, presumably they were just as high and hence problematic in the score as well. I guess maybe that was the top staff of a score and these were "System" texts, so they never had anything above them, so you couldn't see how they might have interfered. But surely copying and pasting would have created the exact same problem? In this case, your problem is most likely that you have too high a value chosen for System text vertical position - you thought you could get away with it because you didn't see problems in your score, but the part shows the problem.

But with only a picture to go by, I can only guess about all this. Feel free to post your score and describe the steps you are following. I guarantee extract parts is going to work much better than copy & paste if you are doing things correctly - *much* less work. But we'll need to see the actual score in order to be of much help.

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