3.5 alpha: Crashes after fast switching Palettes - Selection Filter.

• May 18, 2020 - 23:11

Win 10. 3.5 alpha crashed several times after fast switching between Palettes and Selection Filter.
After restart the Selection Filter was the sixth row in the column of the contextual menu.
(Default position on my machine is the seventh.) The sixth position remained after restart of MuseScore.
After another fast switching, now without crash, the row positions changed again.
The Selection Filter has also occupied the eight row. But only once and without crash.
The fast switching is controlled by a simple AutoHotKey macro. It takes 300 ms to hide the Palettes
and another 300 ms to show the Selection Filter and v.v.
Of course I could choose slower switch times. But I report it because the graphical anomalies
will maybe help the developers in tracking down the causes of related crashes.


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The AutoHotKey macro steers the mouse to a fixed point to the right of the Help menu. Gives a rightclick.
Waits 150 ms. Using the command ImageSearch it looks in the contextual menu for the 'tick' in the surface of the square to the left of 'Palettes'. If the Palettes are unticked it sends F9 and waits 150 ms.
It repeats this job for the Selection Filter. Due to the shift I wrote about between
'Mixer' and 'Selection Filter' I've made the 'tick search area' bigger to cover the surface
of these two squares. If 'Selection Filter' is ticked it sends F6 and waits 150 ms.
Doing this the Mixer never appeared as expected.
Each searchprocess itself takes another 50 ms. These technique I use in several other hotkeys
and works there without flaw.

I personally haven't been able to reproduce a crash when quickly switching between the palettes and the selection filter. I've tried spamming F6 and F9 in autoHotkey, which is different from how your script works. That would suggest that the crashes have to do with something else.

I would like to suggest a workaround, which is simpler and should also be faster. Undock and redock the selection filter like shown in the gif. You can then press F6 to toggle between the palettes and the selection filter.


I'm still curious what could cause such a crash. Could you maybe share your ahk script?

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Thanks for looking into it.
There haven't been any crashes since I reported it.
Occasionally there is still a change between Selection Filter and Mixer as mentioned in the first post.
As for your workaround: generally I prefer the least conspicuous method.
Less strain on the eyes.
The macro is part of a 'Master File' in a short series of posts about AHK applications for MuseScore.

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