meterless, measureless, and no time signature

• Aug 23, 2014 - 17:10

To Whom It May Concern:

would the develeoper's team please change the code to include a measureless, meterless starting document?

a blank sheet music page which does not demand a time signature and neither auto fills rests or barlines would be most helpful.

after the user has put all the desired notes in, and placed the barlines, then the program could give the user the option for it to compute the time signature for each measure, if so desired.

as the program stands now, these results can only be achieved with workarounds.

this would be a template for all those who compose "word first" music, where the music fits the words, not the other way around.


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Unfortunately I don't think he's around to answer (as I understand it he passed away not so long ago), but I can say, achieving what those scores show isn't that difficult. Use Tools / Join Select Measures to join measures as needed, change barline span settings to do Mensurstriche, you can suppress hide time signatures and/or barlines in Staff/Part Properties, etc.

You could right-click on rests, measures, or meters, click "select all similar elements" and from there change them all to invisible. That's the only solution I can think of. Musescore is programmed so that the meter, barlines, and rests are "filled in". I wouldn't imagine there's a way to get around it without reprogramming entirely, and for only one "blank" template.

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