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• May 25, 2020 - 16:06

How do you set the chord duration in 3.5 alpha? I've noticed when I play the measure with a chord included it plays/sustains through the 4/4 measure. I need it to have a note value assigned to it. For example, the chord is held for a quarter note value.

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I'm using a D.S. al Coda on the last bar, bottom of page.
I need it to play identical as with the first pass and then several bars later to jump from "To Coda" to "Coda".
These bars in the beginning, first pass, have repeat bars. But it plays straight through ignoring the repeat bars.

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Depends on what you mean.

  • Adding another staff to the system is done with the add instruments dialog, hit I.
  • To add more measure to a system hit Alt+Shift+B, to have them in a new line select a measure and pressReturn.

Do yourself a favor and read the handbook at least once front to back, it is time well invested.
Note though that the new 3.5 Alpha features (like Chord Symbols playback) are not yet documented.

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