Connecting MuseScore to Ardour in 2020

• May 26, 2020 - 20:50

I'd like to route MuseScore midi output to Ardour (for various reasons, including the option to record live audio track over midi, using plugins, etc.). I have seen a few posts on this topic on the forum, but some discussions are quite old and I am having some troubles figuring out what is possible now that may wasn't in 2012 or 2011 and what is still not doable (if anything at all). I am new to MuseScore and I would appreciate some help from the experienced users on the forum.

I am using Ardour 6 and MuseScore 3.4.2 on an Archlinux box

I am assuming this is still correct (and don't see why it would have changed, it fact):

  1. The Connection MS/Ardour needs routing through Jack
  2. In MuseScore's preferences, I/O, output is sent to JACK audio server, and the "Use Jack Midi" box is ticked
  3. A Midi track (or more, see below) must be created in Ardour
  4. MuseScore's Midi out is then connected to Ardour's track "midi in" (with a tool like Catia/Claudia/Patchage, qjackctl, etc.)

As a result of the above, MuseScore's built-in synth is cut-off the loop and only the midi control signals are sent out. Sound synthesis is managed by Ardour (whose output is of course connected to the Jack server sink).
So far so good (I hope).

Here is what i am not completely clear about:

A) Is it possible to create a midi channel out in SoundScore for each track? There is an old discussion that said it was not possible directly. The result could nonetheless be achieved by filtering the midi channel with a tool positioned between SoundScore and Ardour. But I also found a reference to a Google Summer of Code project that seemed to indicate the multi-midi-channel options had been implemented. Is that true? I could not find a way to create multiple midi out.

B) I understand that once the MS/Ard are connected, the tempo is decided by Ardour, and changes to the tempo in MS have no effect. Is that still correct?

C) Finally, there was some discussion on whether it was possible to start a MouseScore midi track from Ardour. Apparently , it is not too difficult, technically speaking (I am repeating what the forum message said), to exploit the jack protocol to that effect. But I am not clear if that feature has been implemented or not. I see that museScore exposes a mscore-midi-in input to jack. Is that what should be used?

Thanks for the help.

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