Adding a full page of text and graphics before the score page 1

• May 28, 2020 - 23:59

I'd like to have a printable score that has a page that is my logo with graphics as well as text with various pieces of information, such as composer, lyricist, company address, etc. like most choir music I buy. I already have the music score written. How do I add this graphics page?


I tried adding frames and text, but everything I add is below the Title Frame that has the Title, subtitle, composer, etc. I think what I need would be a frame that is above the Title Frame that I could make as big as one full page, pushing the Title Frame to page 2. Then I could add text boxes and graphics to this initial Frame and after I have it with most of my general info, logo, etc., insert this before the Title Frame of every composition I have and customize the information in it for the particular piece I wish to print out.
Maybe I'm thinking an incorrect strategy. Help.

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