Inspector and Palette Tabs at bottom...

• May 29, 2020 - 04:47

I apologize for asking this again...and know it is a novice question... but normally I have my inspector and palette boards on the right hand side of my work space...and the tabs are at the I can toggle back and forth and it works out SOOOOOO WELL... really nice... well, I hit something and they disappeared and so I placed them back on the workspace... but can't get them overlapped with the tabs on the bottom... I just can't remember what the answer was last time...
I apologize... I use this software everyday to do arrangements and lead sheets and it is great... so I thank you in advance
Springfield ,MO


Thank you....dragging them over one another didn't work....but double clicking on one of the panels gave me my tabs back.... THANK YOU sooooo much!
And I appreciate your patience with guys like me that are constant users, but just don't get the finer points.

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