Important addition for writing lyrics

• May 30, 2020 - 20:55

Hello, I would like to ask if it would be possible to include a lyric writing plugin which counts the syllables of each word, and allows you to adjust the length of notes according to the syllable(s) within a word and the duration of a certain syllable. In cases where a vocal part of a song would contains riffs (for instance) with longer than normal duration of certain notes, I think it would be greatly beneficial if you can add a plugin which counts lyrics as you type them, and then immediately "drag" parts of the word (syllables, when appropriate) to match a syllable. I find that this would greatly improve creativity and organization of the composition piece and would allow composers to get in "the flow" and accomplish more with less distractions.


I find it hard to understand what you're looking for. Can you provide an example of what your start and end situation should look like?

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