Automatic breaks are wrong; is there a manual fix?

• Jun 1, 2020 - 22:43

Hi, this is an issue I have fairly often. I know about scaling the entire page, and usually I can get that to work but this time it is not fixing the issue.

I have the settings so that the system breaks every 4 measures. However, it's not doing that. In many places there are only three measures even though there is plenty of space.

The REAL issue however, is at the end I had a page with 8 measures. And instead of 4 and 4, I had 3, 4, and 1 which just looked ridiculous. I wish you could just drag and drop the measures where they're supposed to go.

I've now managed to get the whole score onto 2 pages, but now most of the systems are 3 measures and the last one is 5.

I'm going nuts. Any suggestions?


If you are getting an automatic system break after 3 measures that is because the notes and rests in 4 measures won't fit between the page margins. You may be able to get 4 measures to fit by selecting them and adjusting the stretch. Use { to decrease the stretch (scrunch things closer together) and } to increase it. But sometimes there is just too much stuff to fit in the space available.

If you post your score here it will be easier to offer alternative suggestions.

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Thanks, the } worked once I finagled it around a bit. It was just frustrating because all of the measures had the same amount of notes, so the system with 3 measures was all spread out and the system with 5 was all smushed. Can't figure out why on earth it did it like that.

To be clear: there is no setting to force more measures into a system than your settings otherwise allow. Only to add system breaks so you can have fewer measures than your settings allow. If you want more measures, you need to change your settings - either page size, margin size, staff size, spacing, minimum note distance, etc.

As mentioned, if you attach your score we can advise better.

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