Stich notes in parts implemented in a score

• Jun 2, 2020 - 09:11


I hope you in the West had a good Pentecost. I haven been going from pillar to post to look for a score which has parts and where you find stich notes in it. If you have such a score, I would be happy if you showed me where I could find it.




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Musical terms are quite a different set of the vocabulary one usually learns in school or abroad.

I sort of grew up to those via MuseScore, so am often more familiar with the English terms and struggle to find the corresponding German translation, regardless being a German native speaker ;-)

BTW: might be helpful here (although cue notes are not mentioned there, not yet)

Also check

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Sharing that score would be more helpful, with we could show you how to do it rathet hna just explaining it

Select those 3 measures and swap voice 1 and 3 is basically all that's needed here

"Voice" has multiple meanings, same for the German "Stimme", we're not talking about vocal (singing voice) here in this context though, but about rhythmical independant sets of notes played at the same/overlapping times. See (or

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