Automated Soundfonts Appliance

• Jun 2, 2020 - 19:14

(Appliance... does that word exist?) ANYWAY...
This is clearly not up to sf2/sf3 types of files. But what if Musescore could support some kind of file which filescould be applied to the instrument(s) it is meant to be applied to?
Could save people from the trouble of finding the soundfonts they are looking for... (If this idea is never gonna happen, probably will not, I have an idea for making soundfont finding and applying much quicker with a new Instrument Sound Selecting Design (Similar to instrument selection's window).


"Could be applied" is a difficult thing to determine.
Currently MuseScore allow everything as everything; which many people take advantage of for vocal scores for example. SATB using the saxes or other wind instruments is quite common as decent vocal sounds are notoriously hard to find.

The next hurdle to solve would be for a way to know which sound is meant for which instrument. MuseScore honor the General Midi standard for that, but that standard is way to limited to cover all kinds of instruments (euphonium, tam-tam, gongs, ...). So many soundfonts do not follow that standard simply because they contain many more soundbanks or different instruments than defined by it.

What I completely agree on is that it must become easier for a user to find the correct sound between his/her installed soundfonts. I believe this is currently being revisited as part of the mixer redesign for MuseScore 4.

It would also make sense to somehow expand the current soundfont links from the handbook in a system more like how plugins are presented. Hopefully in the future also integrated with the Resource Manager.

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I wanted to suggest that whenever you click the button , in "Sounds", which opens a list of the soundfonts, instead of having that huge "catalogue" we should have a new window pop up (like the instruments selection, as I said).... I'm repeating myself to ask you whether such idea might be implemented in the next major update... If not should I suggest it in a new post? If you have an alternative similar to it ( which might prove to be faster than my idea ) should I leave it?

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Oh yes, I thought A soundfont was A sound... By the way the sound I refer to, is in the mixer, , I think in the top left side (but there is something else above,I don't remember) well any way it is like:

Sound: (here goes the sound's name)
Does that remind anything?

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