Crash when removing voices

• Oct 10, 2009 - 19:35


I am a new user to this software and I really find it very good, thanks for providing this !

We use it in a choir and so I did 4 voices in our song. Everything is fine except when I want to save each voice in a separate file. I didn't found a way to do that. Muting the voices makes them saved in the wave file anyway.
So I decided to remove 3 voices and leave only one in order to save it this makes musescore crash. If I try to remove them one by one, it works fine for the first removing and the second makes it crash.
I can post the .mscz file if needed to reproduce the problem.
Thank you.
David Lanier


Thank you for file. I added a new report to the issue tracker which you can follow here:

In the mean time I suggest using File > Parts which is made especially for the purpose you are trying to achieve. There is lots of information on the forums on how to use it. With a little experimentation you can probably work it out yourself.

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