Keyboard fingering notation for denoting other hand

• Jun 4, 2020 - 10:59

I'm working on adding fingerings to a keyboard score. In some cases, due to my very small hands, I have to play some notes that are in the top treble clef staff with my left-hand. This would be typically be noted with some sort of "inverted L" over the note. In other cases, a note in the bottom bass clef staff has to be played with the right hand, which would be noted with some L under the note. This might not be very standard notation, but is still common enough that publishers such as Henle will use it in some complex scores that include fingerings, such as many Bach works.

I typically do this for just one note, but once in a while, I will keep that going for a group of notes, in which case I would want to extend the line, such as "L---" under the notes, also.

I don't want to switch the note to the other staff. I just want a separator symbol. I didn't find the L or inverted L in the "Fingering" section. I thought they might belong. Barring those, what should I use ? The "L" is easy enough, but the inverted L not so much, and once you want to extend the line, it can get a little tricky.

How do you suggest I deal with this ?


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