Converting scores from MuseScore 2 to MuseScore 3

• Jun 5, 2020 - 00:51

I have roughly 1000 song lead sheets made with MuseScore 2, and I was wondering if there was a bulk system to convert them all to MuseScore 3?
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Jean-Pierre Henkart

Here's an example:

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GYPSY Bb Vc ip.mscz 39.31 KB


Normally, there would be nothing special you would need to do in general, so no conversion necessary. However, your score here seems to employ lots and lots of manual adjustments, many of which seem to have been made to overcome the fact that you actually attached chords to the wrong notes. Also, it would have been much better to position things using style settings rather than manual adjustments. Unfortunately, the sort of manual adjustments you made are very "fragile" and would not make sense any more even in MuseScore 2 if you changed page, staff, or font size, or number of measures per system, etc.

So if this is typical, I'm afraid there won't be any easy/automatic way to fix these problems.

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