Incorrect default shortcuts for 'Zoom in' and 'Add tied note to chord'

• Jun 6, 2020 - 15:05

'Zoom in'

The default shortcut for 'Zoom in' is Ctrl++. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+= in the score view doesn't zoom the score in.

Google Chrome allows both Ctrl+Shift+= and Ctrl+= for zooming in, so I think these should both be the defaults in Musescore.

Starting from 3.5 Alpha, there are now also default shortcuts for the piano roll editor and these have the same issues. For example, 'Zoom in vertical - piano roll editor' should be Ctrl+Shift+=, instead of Ctrl+Shift++.

'Add tied note to chord'

The default shortcut for 'Add tied note to chord' is Alt++. Pressing Alt+Shift+= doesn't work. This should be 1. Alt+= or 2. Alt+Shift+= , depending on the intent of who implemented it. Since the shortcut for 'Tie' is + (Input as Shift+=), it would make sense for it to be option 2.

Underlying bug?

The issue here seems to be the definition of the shortcuts, but there might also be an underlying problem. The shortcut for 'Tie' works and is defined as +. This requires two keypresses, but is defined as a single +. However, adding a modifier before this plus makes a shortcut not work, like in the case of 'Add tied note to chord'.

Also, when trying to change a shortcut inside Musescore to for example Alt+Shift+=, results in Alt++, which as I've discussed doesn't work. The only way I can see to use that specific key combination is by editing the shortcuts.xml file manually.

Some other examples when trying to assign shortcuts (on the US-International keyboard layout):

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+5 results in Ctrl+Alt+.

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+= results in Ctrl+Alt+×.

This is the behaviour in Musescore 3.4.2, 3.5 Alpha and the current latest master, revision: 4650a2f

OS: OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64


This requires two keypresses, but is defined as a single +.
It doesn't require two keypresses if you use the '+' on your numpad (if you have one).

But yes, shortcuts are keyboard dependent. So first make sure you selected the closest matching keyboard layout when MuseScore asked it on the first run (verify in advanced preferences).

But I see value in adding alternative shortcut commands depending on those keyboard layouts.

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I can confirm that the default zoom shortcut works with Ctrl+Numpad +. I've double checked the keyboard layout in the advanced settings, which is the same as the one I'm using in Windows (US_international). The problem still is that the shortcut doesn't work when pressing Ctrl+Shift+=. This should give the same result.

(EDIT: I think this is what you meant with the last part of your reply, oops)

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The underlying cause is that either the Qt libraries we use or the operating system itself chooses to send these key combinations differently, leading to this weird situation. On my azerty for example Shift+& is sometimes equivalent to 1 and sometimes not.

Can you add those shortcuts yourself under preferences? Because ISTR that some shortcuts even get interpreted there differently as well, but I might misremember that and so far haven't cared enough to further dive into this.

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When inputting Ctrl+Shift+= in the preferences, the result is still Ctrl++. I've also tried editing the shortcuts.xml file like this:


In the preferences, the shortcut then looks to be Ctrl+Shift+=, but now both the numberpad method and the expected method won't work.

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