New templates

• Jun 7, 2020 - 00:27

I have successfully compiled the source code in Qt and looking through issues. Perhaps like many developers I am also a musician and used Musescore regularly. One of my first issues tried not really listed was to add to the templates options in the New File wizard. eg. wind quintet/brass quintet/concert band etc. I can see from the code these are existing mscx, on my Ubuntu it shows in usr/local/share/ms-score4.0/templates. I added one in 03-Chamber_Music for 'Recorder Quartet' (Descant/Treble/Tenor/Bass recorder, being a teacher regularly getting such groups I arrange for). How easy is it to add such files to the download process so they are there from the off?

Another process I have found cumbersome is the extracting parts so I saw there was a live issue on that.


Hello, and welcome! It's easy enough to add new templates to the package, mostly it's a matter of adding the file to the source tree and updating the build scripts. Be sure to read over the developer handbook and the info about git workflow, etc, and when you have questions, best place to ask is the developer chat on Telegram.

As for issues with parts, not sure what you mean there, but feel free to comment on the relevant issue or start a new thread.

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