Tremolos between notes are not good-looking

• Jun 7, 2020 - 12:10

These tremolos look awful... is there a way to fix their appearance? Just been able to straighten them out would be ok.

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I agree the defaults do give odd results.

You can get things to look better by playing with the stem directions and note head mirroring settings in the inspector (yes I know whole notes don't have stems, but Musescore thinks they do and they do affect the placing of tremolos).

See where I show the results of my experimentations and offer a workaround.

Perhaps this ought to go in the issue tracker.

Bottom line seems to be the placement of the tremolo is correct (centered between where the stems would be) but the measure is just two narrow. So the workaround right now is to add stretch to that measure (select, press "}" as necessary).

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My experience is that a lot of stretch has to be added to avoid tremolo beams overlapping the note heads as the beams stretch with the note spacing. The workaround of using mirrored noteheads and setting the stem direction avoids the overlap simply, admittedly at the cost of not centring the beams correctly. But is that defect noticeable? The overlap certainly is noticeable and so is the large stretch needed to avoid it. It's a matter of personal taste on the compromises I guess.

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Unfortunately that doesn't work. Here's another example, with the default spacing first and then with the stretched bar. The tremolo just follows the stretching, so in the end we have a very unnecessary large bar (definitely not ideal in scores or parts where you are trying to save space). Also playing with stems directions in this particular case doesn't work, see attachements. Either the tremolo is overlapping the notes, or it is placed in a weird diagonal direction.
In comparison, see how an old version of Sibelius deals with a similar situation (see attachement). The tremolo is more straight in its shape, and it's placed centered and spaced between notes.

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