Continous View for Zoom Rehearsals

• Jun 9, 2020 - 00:33

Our recent rehearsals have been technologically challenging. One of the issues is that our choir can have anywhere up to a hundred singers or so and the director has to deal with muting and playing parts. He doesn't have time to fiddle with Musescore. One of the immediate concerns has been that using Page View doesn't keep up with the score so we are left with unending occasions where we cannot see what's coming; Continuous View would solve this were it not for the unfortunate placement of the lyrics across staves (not so in Page View). Looking through archives of this problem, it appears that a fix is not coming. Any suggestions?


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I'm looking for a Real Fix, not a band-aid. When our director shares the file with us, sure, we have latency issues and it's not perfect; however see 'page view' as opposed to 'continuous' means that within the space of a few bars we are out of sync with the score. Literally like a pianist with a lousy page turner. In this era of increased use of online rehearsing, Musescore should step up and fix it.

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It appears that the fix is right there, use a spacer when creating a score; but you are refusing to use it.

For your consideration though, we had the logic that does this for page view work in continuous view as well during the 3.0 development. It was cut out because it is simply too computational heavy for the average PC making a score edit on long scores unbearably slow (a couple of minutes instead of less than a second).

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