Add option to place measure number below systems

• Jun 9, 2020 - 23:50

To keep with the aesthetic of the sheet music I work with, it would be a great help and a neat option to place measure numbers below systems, instead of adjusting offset values, or manually moving them and turning off auto placement. Similar to how articulations have the placement drop down list, or can be changed in Style > Measure Numbers.


In reply to by Raymond Wicquart

My feature request is for a more direct option so we wouldn't have to change the offset. Changing the offset is easier for single stave parts, but I often work with multiple stave parts, such as for choral parts, or piano, or multiple instruments. Changing the offset to 5 only changes it by one stave, and manually adjusting it further can give imperfect results since some staves can be closer or further apart than others, requiring even more fine adjustment. I'm looking for a single option that quickly moves it from above the SYSTEM to the bottom of the SYSTEM, not a single staff.

In reply to by Sean Oliveras

This doesn't exist yet, but is being considered. Meanwhile, for 3.5, it will be possible to directly set the placement to "below" for any given staff rather than using the offset. Then you can get the measure numbers before the system by setting them to appear on all staves, but setting all the ones not not he bottom staff invisible. Kind of a pain, but actually takes only a few seconds.

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