make all symbols accessible to plugins

• Jun 10, 2020 - 08:23

Currently symbols (from the "symbols" palette) are invisible to plugins. Making them accessible to plugins would suddenly make all accidentals available for microtonal tuning plugins and would make other symbols available to various other kinds of useful plugins. In other words, many symbols would no longer be purely cosmetic, but could – by means of plugins – actually serve their intended purposes.


Making all symbols accessible to plugins solves much of the problem of missing accidentals and the difficulty of adding them to the "accidentals" palette. (See: ) But for symbols to be useful as accidentals (without making them official, "first class" accidentals) one more fix would be needed: it should also be possible to use any symbol in a custom key signature (rather than just "first class" accidentals). Would that be possible?

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