Possible to add news annotations ?

• Jun 11, 2020 - 13:46

I'm working with a piano teacher who invented musical annotations when drawing a note, that allow to fluidify the reading of a score.
The results are astonishing for his students.

The method was filed and protected this year.
Before communicating widely about this approach, we want to offer interested musicians a way to integrate its system into their own scores.

So I contact Muse score to know if it's possible
Thank you for your attention.

I'll give you additional information by return if there is any interest for this.


MuseScore being open source, we thrive on sharing, we best to provide more information here. But anyhow, depending on what you mean, yes, you can easily customize your palette by adding new text, new graphics, new symbols taken from a custom or SMuFL-standard font, etc.

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