How to make repeat for A1-B-A2 sections

• Jun 12, 2020 - 16:28

Dear Musescore users,

I have a score, which has three sections A1, B and A2. A1 and A2 are same but with different endings. Which repeat signs should I use? Can someone give me an example? I tried somethings without finding a way.

Thank you very much!

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Hi, Shoichi,

Thanks for your reply. But what you did has not the same execution as my original example. My example is only a try of the repetition. The real score that I want to do have 5 pages, every section has 20 to 30 measures, it is not commode enough to use the boxes 1 and 2.

I think the reasonable ways should be somethings like using "D.C al Coda" but I can not use them successfully.

Thanks and have a nice day!


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Although this works and may be the correct way, it doesn't seem very practical in a piece that is several pages long. Ynsun says it is about 5 pages - so at the end of section B the player turns back to the first page to play section A again but then has to turn quickly to the last page to play the coda. If I were playing it I'd have to write out the alternative ending on a separate piece of paper and pin it to the music. Not everyone uses a tablet!

I would prefer something like my version attached here which is much simpler for the performer and avoids scrabbling to find the last few bars. However I don't know the theoretically correct way. The playback almost works but does an extra repeat.

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That sounds manageable - although If I was sightreading I still wouldn't like having to skip suddenly to the very end. In any case it's not really a coda, more a second ending. Your real score may be different, though.

I'm surprised playback doesn't seem to recognise "Fine".

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Playback recognizes "Fine" if it is entered as a "Fine" marker and the result of a jump (such as D.C. al Fine).

"Fine" just by itself doesn't really make sense to the playback interpretation algorithm. As you most definitely don't want playback to stop as soon as it encounters the word "Fine".

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I know - but since I HAD put "DC al Fine" I thought it might work all the same - the "Fine" was in the second-time bar. However as I said before I don't know the correct "grammar" for writing it this way and haven't had time to look for a real-life example to see how it's done (or not!).

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