Convert MIDI keyboard sounds into notation

• Jun 15, 2020 - 10:23

Hi, I'm not very good at IT stuff. However, when I had Sibelius, I could play my compositions on my MIDI keyboard, and it would convert the sounds into notation. Can I do this on Musescore? It would be far quicker to notate compositions this way for me.


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Exactly! With Sibelius, I could play fairly complex music in real time, and Sibelius would obligingly convert it into notation although I would then have to quantize the result. I can only play very basic stuff in Musescore and it certainly doesn't convert it into real time notation. I hope this is something that Musescore 4 will be able to do!

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Hi Andreas,
Thank you for your suggestion. No, I haven't tried recording my music because I haven't set up my MIDI keyboard. I've been using my acoustic piano and writing down what I play. I find it quite difficult to set up my MIDI stuff, but will give it a try. I suppose, perhaps I could record on GarageBand and possibly import the file into Musescore?

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I am not familiar with GarageBand, but if it has a built-in metronome it should work OK for this. You need to play with a metronome so that MuseScore will know what is a quarter note and eighth note etc, and where measures start and end.

But using your acoustic piano and writing down what you play sounds like a good idea as well. My proposal would be to stick with that.

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