Hearing Notes In A Score Without Clicking On Them

• Jun 17, 2020 - 16:42


It would be nice if I didn't have to "click" on each note to hear it when I'm checking notes in a score.
I would suggest as an option, that every time the cursor moves over the note you can hear it.



Only way I know the notes wouldn't play while editing is if you turned that option off in Edit / Preferences / Note Input. Otherwise they should be. If you are finding they are not, maybe something unusual is going on with your score. After checking that preference to be sure you didn't disable it, you can attach your score here and we can see if there is something unusual going on with it.

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I’m not understanding - how do you propose moving the cursor if not with your mouse or arrow keys?

EDIT: oh, maybe you mean you want playback to follow the mouse cursor? Aka "scrubbing" playback, to use the normal audio term for this? That's not a feature MuseScore supports currently, but perhaps someday.

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