Align Lyrics on Treble and Bass Cleff with Grand Pinao

• Jun 23, 2020 - 16:20

I have been racking my brain on how to do this. I'm placing a lot of my instructional books into Musescore so that I can access them on my iPad. Many of the beginner's books have lyrics written across both bass and treble. When entering the lyrics I fist do treble then I go back and do bass. HOWEVER, no matter how much I:
1. Play with minimum measure width
2. Lyrics parameters (ex. lyrics margin-top, lyrics margin-bottom)
3. etc.
I can never get the bass to align with the treb lyrics.

I searched the forum and only found this post:

I tried what the last poster posted. But, to no avail. One poster suggested adding invisible notes. That does work. I posted invisible notes on the 3rd voice. that's a pain in the butt to do for every score.

Does anyone know a trick on how to do this? Am I missing some simple thing?

I posted a sample of what I'm trying to do.

Thank you for your time and help!

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True, and I've done that. And it works on that small sample score. But... :) uggg. On the full score, the lyrics remain so-called "scrambled". I tried to message you and attache the score but it doesn't allow for attachments. I've attached the full sample. I scrambled the notes the lyrics so I don't violate the copyright on it. Thank you for your reply and your time helping me with this! Greatly appreciated!

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I kept playing and did find a solution to this. It's not a click of a button solution...but, it's not to bad. A lot better than adding invisible notes on the treble clef.

When you add the bass clef lyrics and then change them from bottom to top they do not align. So here is how I do it.
1. Enter the treble clef lyrics.
2. Enter the bass clef lyrics.
3. Most important! This is how I do it.
a.) I zoom out until I can see all page(s).
b.) Format-->Style-->Measure
c. ) Play with the "Minimum Measure Width". Try 25-35. You need to make enough room for bass lyrics. You don't have to get it perfect but it's much quicker if you do it here.
4. Format-->Style-->Page
a.) Change the "Grand Staff Distance" to your liking and to give room for bass clef lyrics. You may not have to change it at all.
5. Save the settings.
6. Highlight one of the bass clef lyrics
7. Right-click and choose Select-->Select all similar elements on the same staff
8. On the "Inspector" "Placement" choose above
9. Depending on your settings for "Grand Staff Distance" change the Y Offset to -3.50 or more depending on if you adjusted the Grand Staff Distance.
You may find some measures still don't line up. Click on the measure and then hold down "shift" and "}" to increase the size of the measure. Play with the "Y Offset"

Once you do it a couple of times it's super quick and not to time-consuming.

Hope that helps :)

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