Link Guitar tab to treble and bass clef staves

• Jun 23, 2020 - 17:04

I have a conventional piano score, i.e. treble clef and bass clef staves.
Is it possible to create a new guitar tab staff that is linked to both of these?


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Along this line of questioning, Is it possible to have a series of treble staffs on one page then say two Guitar tab staffs then back to treble staffs all on 1 page? If so How is it done, I have tried all afternoon and cant get it.
Thank you in advance

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Seems I am achieving my required result by adding music to the attached TAB staff , then removing any music that was in the Treble staff measures, then remove when empty always on the now empty treble staff. It then leaves me with an independent TAB staff with independent Treble staffs above and below.
Thank you.

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