Best saxophone soundfont?

• Jun 28, 2020 - 05:16

Hey guys, I'm making music in fl studio and I prefer to use soundfonts, specifically .sf2 files (Not sure if fl supports any others)

I'm looking for a soundfont that has a really good saxophone sound to it. The ones I currently use are decent but they sound a bit compressed and too MIDI-esque

If anyone could help that would be amazing :)


Best free ones I found are from this:
HOWEVER: a) they don't support single-dynamic playback, b) are suited for jazz rather than classical (I found Soprano and slow Baritone are acceptable for classical use), c) Alto seems to be the same as one of the older versions of MuseScore's default sounds. I don't use these sounds because of the lack of single-dynamic support; maybe you will find them suitable.

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