Search Bars

• Jul 2, 2020 - 16:29

Must already have been suggested but in case :P
Search Bars for: 1. Master Palette, 2. Sounds (When selecting an instrument sound in mixer... sometimes the list is too big you don't know whether to scroll up/down)

Perhaps there are other places a search bar could also come in handy...


Oh... when I wanted to find a symbol to put in text I couldn't easily find it... so maybe there should be one more in the FULL list of Musescore symbols (3.)

The master palette really isn't mean for regular use, it may in fact go away, as there is nothing on it you can't already access - and search - using the standard palette. Except for the "Symbols" section, that already does have a search box.

Regarding the Mixer, see the various discussions that already on improving it for MsueScore 4, but note it is already standard dropdown menu, meaning you can just type the first letter two of what you are looking for and it automatically jumps right there. But also note, normally the only sounds you would be wanting to change to are immediately above or below - eg, changing from one guitar sound to another. For anything more than that you should be normally be changing instruments, not sounds, and there is already a search box there.

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