Adding new symbol as image: note/staff attachment

• Jul 3, 2020 - 15:46

I'm using a custom clef for my notation system that does not exist in Musescore.
I managed to implement it by making the normal clef invisible and adding my clef's symbol as image. I also added it to a custom palette.
My problem is that the new symbol, functions like a note attachment. And so the spatial position of the clef changes every time, according to the bar structure, making the process far from simple.
Is there a way to make a custom symbol something that is attached to the staff and not to the notes? Or is there any other workaround? Thank you in advance for helping me out.


You can attach images to vertical and horizontal frames, to chords and rests and to measures. The latter might be the best option for your use, but it has a bug, it only works properly as of 3.5, currently available as a Beta

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I've installed Musescore 3.5.
When I drag the element from the custom palette and drop it on a measure it is placed according to where I drop it and not to the offset I set. And, even if there are multiple staffs, it is always attached to the upper one (i'm referring to the connection of the red dotted line that pops up while dragging the image). Am I doing something wrong? How can I change the attachment?

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