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• Jul 3, 2020 - 17:15

Forgive me if this question appears/has appeared elsewhere. Is there a simple means of writing a piano duet in Musescore where the primo part is on the left hand page and the secondo on the right? I have tried doing so by other means but without success.

Thanks CA


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Thanks for your reply.
OK, I see your attachment. So I will create two different scores entirely, which I will then have to make fit each separate page? I'm afraid I'm still not clear. I notice the bar numbers carry straight on from secondo to primo which implies the same score. Sorry if I'm being obtuse.

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You can start by making a single score with both parts. Then you can create separate primo and secondo parts. Each will have its own page numbering starting from 1. Then it gets tricky. I would suggest adding page breaks to each individual part at the same measure numbers to keep them in sync and then export to .pdf. Then fiddle around with the page order in a pdf editor so that you get primo page 1 followed by secondo page 1 etc.

This seems like a bit of kludge but it would get the job done. It seems such a common thing to want that I am surprised there is no existing feature request - unless I have missed it. I suggest you should add this as a suggestion to the issue tracker and perhaps it will make it into MuseScore 4.

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@cadams, If the purpose is printing it is easier to use PdfSam. Fill in your score (two Pianos).
Generate the parts and export them as pdf or
Hide the first one, export as pdf;
Hide the second one, export as pdf;
Merge the two pdfs by alternating the pages.

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1. Changed second piano to harpsichord
2. then to Parts, ie piano and harpsichord
3. Adjusted piano and "harpsichord" parts so that same bar number was at the end of each page.
4. Printed alternatively to make a booklet.
Not as easy as it sounds but plausible. Initially made the stupid mistake of printing the Primo (higher part) on the left hand page and Secondo on the right....... more fool me

Thank you all. Might be useful to someone else but not sure how to share.


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